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How to Organize Your Home & Maintain It Forever! | Intro to Series

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

home organization

I’m sure we all have taken the time to organize a section or room in our home, and sometimes even our entire home, for it to be messed up the next week as if we’ve never worked on it.

Whether the spouse came through and kicked their shoes and clothes off as soon as they passed the threshold or the kids left their toys in some very peculiar places.

It can be very annoying and very disheartening to see all of your heavy breathing and sweat go to waste so soon.

Aren't you tired of that?

I don’t care what your preferred gender is or your age. If you’re here, you obviously want to keep an organized home, and not everyone does, so we should be proud of ourselves that we’re looking for a solution.

That’s what I want to help you with during this series: How to Keep Your Home Organized FOREVER!

Why This Series Will Help You Maintain Your Home FOREVER

Forever sounds like a joke and a lie for people who haven’t lived that life. However, I’m sure that you know people who anytime you go over to their home, it’s clean.

Not “I just picked up before you came” clean, but dusted, swept, and mopped clean.

And if you don’t, you will because I’m going to metaphorically introduce you to someone who has met people like that and spoke up about it.

However, before I do that, I want to talk a little more about what’s going to be in this series.

It’s not going to be your average “declutter” or “develop new habits” series. I really want to get deep with you because the only way to fix a recurring issue is to get deep. deep. DEEP

How Negative Thinking Can Hinder Your Success In Life

One topic we will discuss in this series is how you’re talking to yourself.

I don’t think that most people understand how much power flows from our lips and thoughts.

I’m a Believer in God, and I’m not here to push my religion on you; however, I do want to share the wisdom that He has taught me.

The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23 (KJV), “Keep thy heart with all diligence; For out of it are the issues of life”.

This verse says to protect your heart with all of your efforts because the “issues”, or things of importance, come out of it. What you put into your heart will return out of your heart.

So if you fill your “heart” or mind with negative thoughts or feelings, you will only receive an output of negative events or actions in your life.

People call this “being realistic” when truly, they’re just afraid that it won’t work out.

Additionally, when we're being "realistic" to protect our hearts, we're actually hurting the high chance that we succeed.

In my family, we say, "What you resist persists". You're trying to resist disappointment, but you're turning yourself away from your passions, and consequently bringing disappointment to your life by filling your heart with negativity.

Instead, fill your heart with positivity, “I can do this”, “I’ve got this”, or “We’re going to get through this”. This is called the Success Mindset.

This is step one of what we’ll be discussing in this series because I can’t advise you to help your family or others when we haven't helped you.


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How Your Family is Imperative to Your Organization Success

Another topic we’ll discuss is your communication skills with your family.

I can hear you groan through the screen, you know.

Communication is essential, especially to me. I discovered, one, that every time I didn’t communicate with my spouse, even the smallest bit of discomfort, it always built up.

People call this “letting it go”, but they breathe in and out and breathe it right back in.

We never really let it go.

Not until it’s been communicated. For example, first, the spouse or roommate comes in and throws their keys, hats, and clothes wherever they land (especially after you just picked up the house).

You get a little disgruntled, but you don’t feel it’s enough to talk about, so you don’t say anything about it. You let it go.

Then the next day, you’ve picked up again, and they come home, and they do it all again. Then you’re silently like, “Are you freaking serious?!” but you let it go!

Then the third day, they come home, do it again, and then you’re like, “PUT YOUR CLOTHES IN THE HAMPER!”

Maybe some of you start with level three, but we’ll discuss that too.

The point is your person, most likely, didn’t even know they were causing you an issue.

But you did, and you let it build up. No shade, just facts.

We’ll talk about that, and we’ll also talk about how to assign some responsibility to your other household members.

If you want to, because, honestly, some people are fine doing it all themselves, but we’ll talk about it anyway.

How to Keep Your Home Systematically Organized

The third topic, and I’ll keep this short so that I don’t give away too much, we’ll talk about how your organizing system, most likely, is doomed for failure.

It isn’t set up for efficiency, and that’s why everything keeps getting out of order.

Not to say consistency isn’t still a factor, because it definitely is.

However, efficiency and consistency go hand in hand.

Your efficient system will help make being consistent easier so that you don’t have to convince yourself to do it. Yeah, we’ll talk about it in that post.


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How to Give Yourself Grace to Keep Moving Forward

Last in the series, we’ll talk about giving yourself grace.

Being perfect isn’t a thing.

There’s only one that’s perfect in my eyes, and it’s not me or you.

So we'll talk about giving yourself grace and understanding, and what that even means.

Why Forever Isn’t Unrealistic, But Perfectionism Is

I mentioned above that I wanted to give you an example of real-life people who keep their homes organized all the time.

The example is going to be from a Reddit thread I found. Reddit user, NegotiationLow6181, asked:

“I have been a professional pet and home care provider for 13 years. During this time, I have been able to see how hundreds of others live on a day-to-day basis. I aspire so much to be like the majority of my long-term clients, whose homes are always immaculate and ready for surprise visits. I just don't get how it is possible!...”

I've bolded and italicized the words that I want you to pay attention to.

They’ve been cleaning homes for 13 years, and they have long-term clients whose homes are always immaculate and ready for surprise visits.

Can you imagine someone popping up on you right now or a week from now?

How would your house be?

I’ve been a person who speedy cleans when someone texts me and lets me know they’re coming over.

Now, I’m experiencing someone texting out of the blue, saying, “Hey, I’m 5 minutes away, and I text back and say “Great, see you soon!” and continue watching my show!

Are you kidding me?!

That’s why I’m here!

To share my experiences with you because I feel everyone who wants this feeling should have this feeling! And that’s on period!

This Reddit question alone proves that it’s possible for multiple people, at least in the last 13-year span, to keep their homes clean FOREVER!

I want to help you get here. I want someone to say this about your home, I want them to look up to your home and love coming over to your home.

Keeping your house clean and ready for surprise visits is not impossible! However, keeping your home 100% perfect all the time is.

You have to eat, you have to sleep, you have to live, so we can drop that thought right now.

It’s not about becoming a neat freak and cleaning up every speck of dust that lands.

It’s about being able to be comfortable in your home, have visitors over, and sleep in clean sheets every week. Okay?! Okay.

What’s next & what to look forward to

I am just so excited to take you on this journey with me.

We are going to learn a lot and laugh a lot. So let’s talk about what’s next.

First, I want you to become my Homey, so, like, we can be homies.

I want to talk to you and tell you when the next blog post in this series is available, when I’ve discovered something new, or when I’m ready to share some new tips with you.

How can we be friends if I can’t contact you?

But don’t worry, I hate a bugaboo, too.

I’m not going to blow you up with gross e-marketing.

But I do want to notify you when I post a new blog, give you free gifts and worksheets, and give you discounts.

Things friends do, of course. I’m going to be posting blogs like “What To Do If You’re The Only One Cleaning Your Home” and “How To Declutter When You Love Everything”, and I would really love to see you again.

Second, you need to move on to the next page of this book.

We need to start talking about how you’re talking to yourself so that we can get you in the success mindset for our journey.

Throughout this journey, I’m going to be giving you the tools that you need to succeed, some will be free, and some will be discounted.

But I’m not going to leave you without tools. Then you would have read this blog, only to continue the same habits after you log off.

Not happening, my friend. I’m looking for success stories, not clicks! Click here to go to the next post in the series!


Hey, in case you haven’t officially met me yet, I’m Kam! I’m here to give you advice on your home management, home organization, and self-care so that you can live a cozier, more peaceful life. Send me an email at, or leave a comment if you want to let me know how I helped you, if I did or didn’t answer your questions in this blog, whether there was something more that you were hoping to learn, or if you want to share a story with me that I may use in my future blogs. I'm happy to help you!


My Advice is Based on Personal Experiences and Research, Not Professional Expertise

It's important to note that while I am not a certified organizer or psychologist, I offer advice based on my own life experiences, research, and personal experiments. If you decide to take my advice, please keep in mind that I am not responsible for any damages (such as injuries or dissolved relationships) that may arise. I do not know your home life or the people in your life, so please consider my advice with caution and determine if it is relevant to your circumstances.

Note: I’ve broken this blog down to be a series. It used to be all in one, but I knew that I could go more in-depth and make it an easier read by separating them. Some of the products that were mentioned in the previous blog will not be sponsored there again. I’m completely reworking this series with the same points; however, more in-depth with stronger tools.


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Eric Bell
Eric Bell
08 sept 2023

One of my recent favorite lyrics from "It Is What It Is", "Never play yourself, pay yourself!", by Russell Simmons son, Diggy. You have clearly cashed in on a wealth of knowledge and soon, a healthy stream of passive income. Your family is amazed by your achievements. I was enticed by the self-care cards. I like "card dames [games]"! More blog posts! Nom-nom-nom!

Me gusta

Maria Bell
Maria Bell
07 sept 2023

Hi Kameron,

I like the magnetic board! It seems like it will work really well for multiple family members. Good luck with your blog. Keeping yourself accountable to others is also a good way to stay motivated.

Me gusta
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