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Negative Self-Talk Impacts How Successful You Are In Life

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Hey you! Welcome to part one of our series: How to Keep Your Home Organized FOREVER!

If you haven’t read the introduction to the series, I want to invite and highly encourage you to read that first, so that you can know our focus & topics for this discussion. Here is the introduction post.

Negative Self-Talk Impacts How Successful You Are In Life

We all know that bullies are absolutely unacceptable.

Bullies can make children grow up to have low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, sadness, and loneliness (article, So why do we bully ourselves?

Why do we allow our thoughts, one of the only things that we can control, to bully us?

I’m not sure if people realize that we have absolute control over our thoughts.

Did you?

Did you know that when the negative, disrespectful, debilitating thoughts come around, we can bring forth positive reinforcements that will win every time?

We have a whole army at our fingertips, that offers a guaranteed win, that will only come when called, but we keep allowing ourselves to get beat up.

Why do we allow other people to bully us?

Who are they to tell us who we are, and what we can do?

I don’t care how much money someone has, how much status that person has, how old they are, or how beautiful they are. Who are they?

They have no rights to us or how we feel about ourselves.

Regardless of how they feel about us.

Just the same as your negative thoughts have no authority over what you can accomplish, or how you feel about yourself.

You need to fight your bully otherwise, you’ll always be under its thumb. Is that what you want? or do you want to grow? Do you want to prosper?

We can’t help what other people say, but we can work on how we deal with those words, and how we talk to ourselves.

Your negative self-talk will impact how successful you are in life by breaking down the faith that you have in your abilities.

We’re going to discuss how to use your positive reinforcements so that you can kick your negative thoughts in the butt cheek, and begin your life on a successful path.

Are you your own bully?

Grab a piece of paper. We're going to figure out if you're your own bully.

Write down some negative things that you tell yourself, about yourself, on a daily.

“I’m so stupid”, “I’m fat”, “I can’t do that”, “I’m an idiot”, “I’m lazy”, “I’m too old”, “I’m not smart enough”.

Now imagine, someone else was saying the same things to you. How would that make you feel?

Heartbroken, mad, disrespected, bitter? Would you tolerate someone else saying these things to you?

Would it make you want to hide? Then why are you telling yourself these things?

Keep that same energy, sir or sis. When you hear your thoughts talk bad about yourself, you need to be offended. You need to be angry. You need to be ready to fight back.

Stand up & Fight

The only way to fight negative thoughts are with positive thoughts.

Besides every negative thought that you wrote earlier, I want you to write a positive counter.

I don’t know everyone’s life, but I will give you some general reinforcements that I would use. However, you’ll need to learn how to fight your thoughts with your own words.

“I’m so stupid” - Are you kidding me? because I made a mistake? Name one person that hasn’t made a mistake. I’m very intelligent.

“I’m fat” - Okay, and? Am I supposed to feel bad about myself because of that? I can change anything that I don’t like. That doesn’t define who I am as a person.

“I can’t do that” - Who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do? I can do anything that I put my mind to.

“I’m lazy” - How? Because I want to rest once in a lifetime? I’m a very productive person, but everyone needs to rest.

“I’m too old” - How does being old define what I can and can’t do? There are people my age that are doing what I want to. I can do the same thing. Age is only a mindset.

“I’m not smart enough” - Is there an IQ level for success? No, there isn’t. There are college and middle

school dropouts who are extremely successful. Success has nothing to do with intelligence, but everything to do with not giving up on yourself.

These are just my examples. I always question the validity of the statement from my negative thoughts.

On top of that, I always speak positivity into my life.

I keep my army surrounding me, so the negative thoughts have no way to even reach me.

I tell myself things like, “Girl, you are amazing” when I do something good, “You are so smart”, “you are so beautiful”, and “you are so talented”.

Even if you have no one in your life, who will speak these things for you, you can speak them for yourself. They’ll be saying those things about you when you reach your goals, I can bet that.


One time isn't enough! Get more practice fighting for yourself in the Success Mindset workshop, so that you can lead yourself to success! Use code: REINFORCEMENTS to get 50% off today!


I can make this sound more simple than it really is because I’ve been doing it for a while.

It’s an ongoing battle, and you can lose it when you forget to call your army out for the day. But the more that you do it the easier it becomes.

The more faith and positivity that you put in yourself, the stronger you get.

So to fight your bully, tell them why they’re wrong. Tell them why you’re amazing, and leave them where they came in and move on.

With this, no matter what anyone says about you, or what you say about yourself, you can overcome any words they spit at you. Walk with a purpose, and know that you have meaning. This is called the Success Mindset.


I would like you to get a small notebook. For at least a day, I want you to write down any negative voices that are said to you, or come to you, and I want you to fight back.

The only way to win is to get started. You can’t move forward with your life when your negativity is blocking your path. You need to be your own light, and you’ll have to fight for it.

Organize Your Home With a Clear Head

The reason that I bring this up in this series is because we’re talking about keeping your home clean forever when we’re used to our home getting out of disarray again every time we try.

Sometimes we start the journey off in a negative mindset, and that's already set up for failure.

It can also bring very negative feelings for us when we see it start to get out of order again, right?

“Here we go again. I knew it wouldn’t last.”

No, I need you to tell yourself “It’s going to last. Not this time.”

Because you need to be able to fuel yourself with positivity and faith so that you can get back on track. I need you to speak positivity into your life, and into your home, and begin this journey with a Success Mindset.

You’re creating a new habit, and that is never easy.

Our body and mind want to stay where it’s comfortable, but that won’t work when we have a journey to go on. The Success Mindset doesn’t only relate to home organization, but everywhere in your life.

Further into the Success Mindset

I speak more about the Success Mindset in the Success Mindset workshop.

I explain the purpose of negativity and the purpose of positivity, we practice more with fighting back through things that you or someone else has said to you, and we discuss the journey that you’re going to go on as an aspirational person.

Because you’re here, I know that you want to be on a successful path, whether it’s related to home organization, career, or life.

So, I want to, first, give you some free positive affirmations that you can use to begin thinking positively about yourself and your goals.

This way you can keep your army surrounding you. Remember, “Keep thy heart with all diligence; For out of it are the issues of life” Proverbs 4:23 (KJV).

Positive Affirmations - A Cozy Home Blog
Download PDF • 94KB

I also want to give you 50% off of the Success Mindset workshop. It will now only be $17.50 for you!

This is an amazing opportunity! I want to reveal the enemy that you’re facing, and its purpose, so that when negativity comes around you know what it wants from you so that you’re better prepared to fight.

I want to show you your weapon so that when it's time to use it, you don't need to look in the manual.

I want to take you to war to win your battle so that you can cut down the enemy that blocks your path, and I want to show you the journey after the war is won.

Use code: REINFORCEMENTS to get 50% off, and begin RIGHT NOW! Click the button below to begin!

What’s Next & What to Look Forward To

Now that we’re thinking positively about our organization journey, we next need to talk about how we speak to our household.

We need our team, household, and mind, to be working as one if we’re going to be successful on this journey. We have to be on the same page.

Our team also needs to be happy and feel rewarded for doing the work.

We'll talk about assigning responsibilities so that everyone feels heard and more. We’ll get into a lot on part 2. It’s going to be a lot of homework for you, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Lastly, I want to invite you to be my Homey!

I want to be your friend. I want to notify you when the next blog post for this series comes out, I want to give you discounts, free worksheets, and free tips, and I can’t do that if I don’t know how to contact you!

I won’t blow you up, I promise. I hate e-marketing too. But if you’re following this series, I don’t want you to have to check back in every day to see if it’s posted. I want to just let you know!

I’m also going to be posting things like, “What to Actually Clean in Your Home”, and “How to Declutter When You Love Everything”. It’s going to be good! So, if you want to be friends, just click the button below, and I will see you in the next one!


Hey, in case you haven’t officially met me yet, I’m Kam! I’m here to give you advice on your home management, home organization, and self-care so that you can live a cozier, more peaceful life. Send me an email at, or leave a comment if you want to let me know if I helped you, if I did or didn’t answer your questions in this blog, if there was something more that you were hoping to learn, or if you want to share a story with me that I may use in my future blogs. I'm happy to help you!


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